Horse Racing and Betting: What Everybody Should Know About Losing Runs

Today, I will allow you to experience R ‘n R: Reinforcement & Reassurance. The’reassurance” will be a bit later in the article. But first, let me reinforce a saying that I have believed in since I can’t remember when – at least as long as I’ve gambled. It is worth remembering it.

You should expect to have a bad run after a successful run. You can look forward to a winning run after a loss.

Like many things in life betting is cyclical. There are good times and bad times. Bull and Bear stock market cycles. Day follows night. Spring follows Winter. Your teenage son and his mood swings. Profitable weeks and losing weeks. Many things are cyclical.

This is the problem: What do you do if yet another piece of direct mail arrives at your doorstep claiming that the Holy Grail Betting System is returning incredible profits over the past few months? Perhaps it’s an email letting you know that John Smith, the incredible tipster, is literally “on fire” right now.

You wouldn’t be able to refuse these great offers with so many winners flooding in. Join John Smith’s tipster services today and get the Holy Grail Betting System.

No, actually, I recommend you not to. Keep in mind what I said. You should expect the following:

You should expect to have a bad run after a successful run. You can look forward to a winning run after a loss.

The Matrix is a sci-fi movie. Agent Smith holds Neo Daftar Judi Bola down on a track in a subway station. This is the scene at the end. We can see the tunnel and hear the approaching train.

Agent Smith said, “You hear Mr Anderson ?” It is the sound that inevitability will make… It is your death…

You should be suspicious of anyone who claims to have a way to make more money betting and win more. Even if you believe them, it’s the inevitable loss that you should be betting on.

You can still look forward to a winning run.

So, with some positive expectations in mind, how can we now apply this knowledge to our betting activities and reap the rewards?

Contrarian Thinking

Contrarian thinking is a common strategy used by many pro punters. They will increase their stakes during a losing streak, contrary to all logic. They did this because they believed it was possible. They have confidence in the system’s logic. They chose it to be part of their betting portfolio so it must have something they enjoy. Does that make sense?

A system will give them an idea of the average length and frequency of losing runs. They will have an intuitive sense of when and how much heat to increase. They expect that the trend will reverse, as “after a bad race, you can expect to have a good one.”

Positive Reinforcement

When I am going through the pain of losing a spell (which is not difficult as I just had one) My methods are what I use to manage my emotions. My experience over the past seventeen years has shown me that profit comes in small amounts and that I am either losing or standing still. Also, I’m not winning! It’s a fact and I have learned to accept it.

Positive reinforcement is what I think a psychiatrist would call it. I remember times when I won big, so I sit down and look at the races in which my horse won. I also go through my betting records and archives to remind myself of what I have done before. Sometimes I may consider removing myself from betting for a while to clear my mind of negative thoughts. This was what I did after the death of my grandfather in 2001. It also happened again in February this year.

Create a Portfolio Of Betting Systems

Bettors will find it less stressful to bet, and it’s easier to stay focused when there are multiple systems at once.

Many gamblers are constantly searching for the one system that will make them a millionaire. They are looking for a system that makes a steady income every week and has winners every day.

It is not possible to find such a system, at least in my experience. This post focuses on the fact that all betting systems have frustrating losing periods and, if they do return profits, they are completely unpredictable.

A better way to approach the market is to have a variety of strategies and methods that all produce an overall profit over a long period.

The intelligent punter will therefore combine a variety of strategies, methods, as well as systems. He can manage the systems he chooses. These systems will work with his busy schedule and be a good match for his betting style. My efforts are concentrated on six strategies for betting horse racing. You can find out more about each strategy by visiting my blog SkyBlueKangaroo.